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Kellan Lutz on the cover of Men’s Health Spain

Socialite Life has pictures from Men’s Health Spain featuring Kellan Lutz.

Another picture of Kellan Lutz wet

I’m beginning to think that Kellan Lutz looks best in wet clothing.

Celebrities are just like us: Kellan Lutz picks up dog poop.

Kellan Lutz being a good dog owner and still looking oh so pale.
But he does have such nice smooth looking calves.

Kellan Lutz: Shooting Men’s Health Video

Things I learned watching Kellan Lutz shoot his Men’s Health spread:
  1. I can stare his dreamy eyes all day long
  2. Kellan thinks he’s masculine
  3. Kellan can scream like a girl.

Why aren’t there any up skirt shots of Kellan Lutz?

Despite all the controversy of Perez Hilton posting an up skirt shot of Miley Cyrus, I’m hoping someone will snap an up skirt of Kellan Lutz working on his new film, Immortals. I learned a few things from this photo of Kellan getting fitted for a loin cloth. I never knew he smoked, he can multi-task, and he is so pale all over. I can’t wait til he’s done filming those Twilight movies, so he can get a tan. I like my meat with a little color. 
See more photos of him in a loincloth at Lainey Gossip. (via Towleroad)
I’m wondering if he’s freeballing or maybe he’s contracted to wear his Calvin Klein’s.