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British Athletes Nude for Cosmo/Charity

There’s something so beautiful and mesmerizing about these photos.
These 2012 British Olympians posed nude for Cosmo
to help raise male cancer awareness.
I could only imagine what being on the set for these shoots was like.
I can’t wait to see gymnastics and diving in HD, love seeing those bulges.
Read more about Louis Smith, that incredible gymnast.
See more of the spread at The Male Celebrity Messageboard.
(Queerty and Joe.My.God

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine naked in Cosmo

Maroon 5’s frontman, Adam Levine, took it all off in the February issue of Cosmo to raise awareness of prostate cancer. The first photo is nice, the second one is creepy with the disembodied floating forearms.

Cosmo’s Minnesota Bachelor 2010

While searching Cosmo’s website for pictures of the Hunk Du Jour, I discovered that Cosmo does an annual search for bachelors for each state. Minnesota caught my eye. He has such a handsome attractive face. He’s 23 year old Ben Becker. He’s a college wrestler and manscapes. He’s perfect, but he’s straight. Too bad voting ended in October. I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for the 2011 bachelors.