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Under Construction with Landon Conrad and Rio Silver

During a routine visit to a construction site he accidentally leans against a freshly painted wall and decides to take it out on Landon by giving his suit the exact same treatment. Rio overpowers Landon and pins him against a work bench, before pulling down his suit trousers and getting his hands (and his tongue) on Landon’s tasty, muscular ass. Landon gets a hard, rough pounding from the horny business man who fucks Landon’s ass and mouth in turn with his delicious, uncut dick before pulling out and squirting his hot cum all over Landon’s hairy chest.

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Suited threesome with Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Axel Brooks

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Hotel Voyeur

Starring Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Axel Brooks

Thank you for your reservation at the Hotel Voyeur. Your company associates Mr. Ben Brown, Mr. Axel Brooks and Mr. Alex Marte have already checked in. We encourage our guests to make use the many facilities we provide such as gym in the basement, restaurant on the ground floor and not to mention the serious cruising which you will find throughout the entire hotel. For example this very instant you will find Ben Brown on the second floor, down on his knees sucking Alex Marte’s thick uncut cock as Axel Brooks watches from his room door before eventually joining them and turning the situation into a sweaty, muscle 3-way right in the middle of the hotel corridor for all to see. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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Sexy hairy stud Paul Wagner strips out of his business suit

Beefy stud Paul Wagner is in a retro tight fitting suit showing off his hot bulges. He also has on a pair of cowboy boots on to complete the look. His hairy chest looks so hot peeking underneath his dress shirt and he looks even better completely naked.

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Daddy Love: Tim Kelly in a suit tops Daniel Bourne

Who doesn’t love a sharp dressed man in a suit? Here is Tim Kelly plays a dad to his son’s friend Daniel Bourne. Waiting for the son to come home, Tim entertains Daniel by showing him some Daddy Love.

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Alex Parry’s Morning Routine

The Morning Routine
Starring Alex Parry

To look as good as a MAP Man takes a lot of hard work, sweat and careful grooming. If you dont believe me ask Alex Parry, or even better follow him on his morning routine like we did here and see how he preps himself for a hard day at the office. Beginning with a quick but intense workout to get those muscles nice and toned, a hot shower and shave. And of course, a long and relaxing wank in front of the bathroom mirror to release any tension and get his day off to a good start.
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