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Sun Kissed with Trenton Ducati and Paddy O’Brian


Paddy O’Brian is naked and alone at a huge pool, where he is fully enjoying squeezing and teasing his cock, pinching his nipples, caressing his balls. He splashes water on himself. It fails to cool him, but when he reaches into the pool again, a chiseled and muscled man emerges in the form of Trenton Ducati. Paddy reaches out to grasp his catch. Trenton’s mouth latches on to Paddy’s cock, balls, nipples … any skin it finds. Paddy dives into the pool and emerges confronted by a winking hole that demands attention. He enters tongue-first, then follows with a driving finger and finally his cock. Paddy groans as if possessed by a demon as Trenton demands, ‘yeah, fuck me, right there!’ And Paddy’s fat cock hits the right spot, whether Trenton’s on his back or on his knees. What began as a jack off, ends with Paddy squeezing out a juicy load into Trenton’s mouth while Trenton cums all over.

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Tanned ripped and hung : Paddy O’ Brian

So I was in the gym last night checking my email on my phone when I got an email about this update. I saw the name Paddy O’ Brian and knew it was going to be good. My brother did a post about him last year, and when the pictures of Paddy showed up on my phone last night I showed them to my brother who couldn’t remember him. I was shocked, how can you forget such a handsome face, hot body and even hotter cock.

UKNM has captured him with some color and reminds us all that every now and then we need some Irish in us!

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Sexy Paddy O’Brian heats up the steam room

Patrick O’Brien / Paddy O’Brian is a super sexy Brit with a seductive accent, and a chiseled body and big thick cock to back it up.

Via Randy Blue

Men at Play: Paddy O’Brian

I find his eyes hypnotizing.