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Hottest sight at Royal Wedding: David Beckham

I didn’t wake up for the Royal Wedding so just checked some pics online and saw David Beckham. What a stunner all dressed up.

Here is David and his wife Victoria arriving on Youtube

Pics via LA Times and CelebrityBabyScoop

Hot guys sells DAS BEER BOOT

If you ever need a beer glass shaped like a boot then has you covered with their DAS BEER BOOT.
Check out the hot guy in their commercial….its very ummm oral.

Via Youtube

Sexy Paddy O’Brian heats up the steam room

Patrick O’Brien / Paddy O’Brian is a super sexy Brit with a seductive accent, and a chiseled body and big thick cock to back it up.

Via Randy Blue

Conan O’Brian looks sexy in jeggings

Conan O’Brian really know how to work those jeggings. His legs look great it them.
I think that should be a theme of a porn scene, the actors wearing jeggings and fucking through them.

Cute panties under white shorts

I think he has a nice ass!