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Bodybuilders’ Jam double update with Jason Lord and Robert Van Damme

We’re looking back to some classic hot muscle in our double update including JASON LORD from BBJam 11 and ROBERT VAN DAMME from BBJam 14.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

Bodybuilders’ Jam #25 with a 4 Man Posing Finale

The stage is full of muscle as pornstar Robert Van Damme, muscle host Ricky Starr, bad boy Troy Hammer, and sexy Kyle Stevens flex all their muscles of a live audience.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

Robert Van Damme out of jail and back to work

I am happy to see Robert Van Damme out of jail. And looking as sexy as ever. See more of his latest pics and what he’s up to at

Sad News: Robert Van Damme Arrested

First heard about this story on Gay Porn Blog. Did a Google News search and found this article in South Florida Gay News. Robert Van Damme was arrested for domestic violence and contempt of court, with bail set at $100K. However, even if he posted the bail, he’d still be detained in federal custody because Immigration and Customs Enforcement have a detainer on him. I hope he doesn’t get deported, he is one of my favorite guys on screen.
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