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Male Pole Dancer on the L Train

What kind of flash mob involves a dance party on a subway with half naked man in high heels as the star? This pole dancer could definitely make it rain, while watching this I felt like I should have some dollar bills handy.

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Bodybuilder strippers take the stage in Bodybuilders’ Jam 27

Hans Hoffman, Eric Shannon, G-Force and Ryan Johnson take the stage for Bodybuilders’ Jam 27.

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Bodybuilders’ Jam double update with Jason Lord and Robert Van Damme

We’re looking back to some classic hot muscle in our double update including JASON LORD from BBJam 11 and ROBERT VAN DAMME from BBJam 14.

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Bodybuilders’ Jam #25 with a 4 Man Posing Finale

The stage is full of muscle as pornstar Robert Van Damme, muscle host Ricky Starr, bad boy Troy Hammer, and sexy Kyle Stevens flex all their muscles of a live audience.

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Bodybuilder Troy Hammer strips on stage

This week we dig to the archives to pull a hot, classic, never before seen onstage performance. TROY HAMMER heats things up as the crowd REALLY enjoys his…performance.

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