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Remember the Harlem Shake?


A year ago this was the craze and what was hotter than seeing college students, jocks, sports teams, and hot guys do goofy and very sexual things with the meme.

Found this on my hard drive and it brought back some memories and decided to make some GIFs highlighting the awesome things going on in the video.

First is this hot guy in a football helmet and jockstrap.
Then this beefy dude chilling behind the lamp.

Finally the center of it all… the bear threesome. That is one hot spit roast!

Bald beefy bodybuilder Jack Union showers and shaves


Jack Union is in town from England to have a night out with the boys. After a quick nap in his snug jockstrap, this big beefy stud is ready to get cleaned up in the shower. Next he shaves down his torso so his muscles are nice and smooth. Then its time to get dressed in the tightest clothes possible to get the attention of all the hot guys. Feeling randy after his night out, Jack strips out of his clothes and enjoys his own muscles and his thick uncut cock.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Young Musclebear Marcello

Marcello is a young musclebear with his thick muscles and nice coat of hairy over his beefy body. Here he is solo and enjoying his body with a dildo. Takes a strong man to handle his meat.

Via The Guy Site




Big muscle stud Chaz Ryan invites you to watch him shower

In Part 1, Chaz Ryan invites you to watch him as he showers off his big muscles. His smooth beefy ass is sight to see as it presses up against the glass. Chaz then gives us a further treat by putting on a hot thong and showing us some oiled up muscle flexing.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Allen: Beefy gay softball player strips and strokes

Beefy Allen looks like he’s good with handling balls and a bat. He’s also good at taking care of his hard cock.

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