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Alex Parry’s Morning Routine

The Morning Routine
Starring Alex Parry

To look as good as a MAP Man takes a lot of hard work, sweat and careful grooming. If you dont believe me ask Alex Parry, or even better follow him on his morning routine like we did here and see how he preps himself for a hard day at the office. Beginning with a quick but intense workout to get those muscles nice and toned, a hot shower and shave. And of course, a long and relaxing wank in front of the bathroom mirror to release any tension and get his day off to a good start.
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Booty Text wtih Alex Marte & Pablo Nunez

When hairy stud Alex Marte sends you sexy texts wanting to get in your pants how can you say no. Pablo Nunez was on the receiving end of those explicit texts making his dick hard through his suit. Alex could see this across the room and knew Pablo’s ass would be his.

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Suit Sex with Carsten Andersson and Adrian Long

Blonde Carsten Andersson gets some into some heavy suit sex action with Adrian Long. The suited studs swap BJs and Adrian fucks Carsten in several positions causing him to moan with pleasure.

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French Lessons with Issac Jones & Harry Louis

Harry Louis needs some help with his French and with a sexy teacher like Issac Jones, its hard to concentrate on learning when all you can think about is fucking. And that is what Harry does he gets his French teacher on the desk and fucks him till he gets his A.

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One to One with sexy beast Gianluigi

Gianluigi is in the office working at his glass desk. Pretty soon he is working on his hard muscle and cock throught his shirt and tie. When he finally strips he reveals such a sexy body with his big muscles covered in hair and tattoos. Finally he explodes his load all over his desk.

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