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Rugged sexy and shredded Cruz Brando

This is the second time that I have shot Cruz Brando for Jimmy Z Productions and he just keeps on getting better. This time we caught him a day after he competed at a major bodybuilding competition. His body is perfect condition, tanned smooth and ripped and veiny. His muscles are shredded and they look great when he oils up. Cruz is also sporting some very sexy facial hair that give him a rugged look to go along with his tattoos. And he still has his big hard uncut cock that can barely be contained in some of the underwear he tries on.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Signals: Scene 3: Devin Adams & Anthony London

Parking his pickup, shirtless Anthony London—his massive tan and hairy chest on display—removes hay bales with Devin Adams, who has two weeks before going back to school. “I’ll miss having those extra muscles around,” says Anthony, touching Devin’s arm. Anthony grazes Devin’s groin, pulling him in for a kiss. Devin unzips his boss and sucks his big dick. “That feels good, man,” moans Anthony, getting deep throated by a choking Devin—whose face gets closer to the stud’s hot tan line and hairy abs. “Suck those sweaty balls,” says Anthony as Devin snaps up the tall hunk’s dick. A spit strand connects Devin’s mouth to Anthony’s cock, the two switching positions as Devin gets his steel shaft sucked—Anthony gripping the toned stud’s balls. Bent over the trunk, Devin gets eaten and fucked: “I’m definitely gonna miss being on t he farm!” The bottom gets fucked on the hay, Anthony grinding in balls deep. Devin flashes his killer smiles as he gets slammed—the two releasing their wads as the bottom yells “I wanna see your cum!”

Via Titan Men
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Karl Kasper gives his muscles to his client


In Part 1, a client goes to Karl Kasper’s hotel room for some private muscle worship. This muscle god had just competed in a bodybuilding contest so his muscles are rock hard and shredded. Karl takes the client on a tour of his sexy veiny body, flexing each muscle just for the client’s pleasure. Every inch of Karl’s body is explored by the client’s hands as he rubs oil all over those powerful muscles.
Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Bodybuilder Pierce and his mushroom cock

In Part 2, Pierce continues to show off his perfectly tanned and muscled body. He changes from white to pink briefs and continues to flex his pumped up muscles. The camera loves his oiled up skin as it captures his vascular hard muscles. When he loses the underwear we get to see his beautiful ass and mushroom cock.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Pierce perfecty tanned and oiled up bodybuilder

In Part 1, sexy Pierce is ready to show off all his hard work. Peeling his Jimmy Z Shirt off we see he is in competition shape and perfectly tanned. He starts flexing his hard muscles and applies plenty of oil over ever inch of his body. Those tight white briefs can barely contain his excitement.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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